Timewarp in After Effects

Timewarp in After Effects

I’m going to cover how to use the timewarp effect in Adobe After Effects, using a clip we captured at the Rogues & Ruffians Renaissance Faire this past fall.

In order to get started on using the Timeworn tool you first must film for the effect. When I say that I mean you should always film in 60fps with the idea of doing a ramped slow-mo with the Timewarp tool. Here are a couple steps to get started:

1.) If you plan on time-warping your clips, be sure to set your camera to shoot in 60fps instead of 30fps (Timewarp will still work if your clip is 30fps but will be jittery and not as appealing).

2.) Once you have a clip in mind place clip on timeline. For security purposes right click on the clip in the timeline, go to Time in the tab and select Time Remapping. This gives you the ability to stretch your clip or shorten it.

3.) Now it’s time for Timewarp. In your effects and presets tab in After Effects search ” Timewarp “.When you’ve found it click and drag onto your clip in the timeline. From here it’s just keyframing.

4.) In your effects control panel set speed to 100 instead of 50. Once you’ve done that find the section you want to slow down.

( The speed tab is towards the top. This will be the only tab you will keyframe )

5.) To start the ramp slow-mo make a keyframe just before the action you want slowed down. That keyframe will set a 100% speed which is correct. Right after your first keyframe place another one and give it a speed percent of 5-10% ( This will vary on just how slow you want the clip to go ).

( Here are the first two keyframes to start the slow-mo ramp. The first one is at 100% and the second i have set to 5% )

6.) Once your second keyframe has been set preview your clip and you will find your clip should be slowed down at the section you chose.

7.)  Now to exit the slow-mo ramp set a keyframe at the end of the section you chose on your clip. That keyframe will set at 5% speed or whatever you have set.

8.) Now right after the first keyframe make another at 100% speed to bring it back to normal speed.

( These are what your keyframes should look like. Its simple just ramp down the speed over the section you want slow, then bring it back to 100% speed )

Keyframe 1 at 100% speed

Keyframe 2 at 5% speed

Keyframe 3 at 5% speed

Keyframe 4 at 100%

( This is my example )

Keep in mind this effect is very powerful if used correctly. This short tutorial is just to get you started in the effect, the rest is playing around with it.

Any questions or suggestions comment below. Thank you so much and hope this helps you.

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